Sunday, November 29, 2009


First of all let me say just how happy I am about these two getting engaged.

I NEVER would have thought that this was going to actually happen, but William (one of my best friends from High School) and Bethany (one of my best friends from college) are getting married!!! I couldn't be any happier for them and look forward to their wedding in Orlando this summer!

Since the Iron Bowl was in Auburn this year, Chatty and I had some company this weekend!!! I absolutely LOVED every second with these girls, and wish that I got to see them more often!

Wesley and I have been doing a little bit of shopping for our first home. We are still not exactly sure on the exact move-in date, but it will most likely be the beginning of December. We have been on a shopping spree and have bought a new mattress, bed, dresser, and sofa. Wesley really wanted a sectional sofa, and it really works well in our den! I am so excited about getting to play house and decorate our first home! We will be using several hand-me-downs from our parents, but we are so excited about the new furniture that we have bought!

Thanksgiving was great this year, even though we were apart on Thanksgiving Day. Wesley and I went to Dothan Monday and Tuesday, and then he left to go back to work on Wednesday and I stayed in Dothan to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family! I was so thankful that my grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins were all willing to celebrate a day early so that I could be there too! I had to come back to Auburn and work on Thanksgiving Day and Wesley was off so he met his parents, grandparents, and extended family at his Aunt Polly's house in Birmingham. It was definitely a busy week, but we have so much to be THANKFUL for!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


It has been a very busy fall so far! I've been driving back and forth to Dothan to pick out invitations, work on the guest list, etc. and Wesley has been working full time AND teaching ICU clinicals for Auburn's School of Nursing. In our spare time we have been house hunting, but we think that we have found the PERFECT one for us...(yes, I have said that about 15 times, but this time I think it is the one!) Wesley is in the process of selling his trailer and so he will move into our new home first, and I will move in when we get back from our honeymoon!

I was so happy that so many of my best friends came into town for the Auburn v. Ole Miss game! Jenny, Lindsay, and Kacy stayed with me and Chatty! I got to watch the game with Wesley, Erin, and Alana at the Auburn Oyster Bar which was a lot of least for the girls...we mainly talked weddings! Morgan stopped by the condo after tailgating, and like always it was so great to catch up and hear what is going on in her life!

We had our first wedding shower this past Friday night. It was a Tool and Garden shower hosted by Wesley's friends' wives/girlfriends. (I am going to stop saying that they are "Wesley's friends" because they really are my friends too!) They served BBQ, and then we all sat around the fire pit since it was so cold outside! Wesley got a lot of great things, and I got some "tools" for the kitchen!

Me with the wonderful hostesses!

Some of the guys!

Wesley checking out some of his new tools!