Tuesday, December 18, 2012

He did it!!!

Whoohoo!  I am still celebrating!!!!  This past Saturday, Wesley graduated from CRNA school and received his Masters of Science degree in Nurse Anesthesia AND not only that, but he graduated with a 4.0 GPA and received an Academic award!  I couldn't be any prouder of him.  While I am celebrating this week, he is studying for boards....which he will hopefully be able to take this week before my baby sister's wedding this weekend!  Here are a few pics from the ceremony!

Since the day Wesley started back to school, his Grandma said that as long as she was well enough to travel, she wouldn't miss his graduation!  God is good and blessed her with the health and the ability to make the long drive to watch Wesley graduate!  She was such a proud Grandma!

Wesley getting hooded!

Wesley 's fan club! 

God blessed us with such great friends to go on this journey with! We are so glad that Nick, Joy, Jillian, and baby Emma Joy (who should arrive in a few weeks) will be in Dothan with us as we begin this next chapter!