Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playing house!

Well, I finally found my camera cord! Here are some pics of what we have been up to recently!

The previous owners had this sitting on the kitchen counter when we walked in the door last Friday.  A sweet welcome note with flowers from our garden!  It was so sweet!

My parents were a lot of help the first few days....they stayed busy lining kitchen shelves....

assisting with hanging ceiling fans....


and recovering kitchen chairs!

I can't wait to post before and after photos as we finish decorating rooms!  Right now the only room that is close to being finished is the kitchen.  We replaced the brass hardware with brushed nickel and think that it gave it a new look.  I LOVE the lighted kitchen cabinets.  Now I have the perfect "home" for our fine china and crystal.



another view of the kitchen

and I FINALLY have the counter space for my mixer!

Ok, that's pretty much all for now.  The rest of the house is "un-done" at this point, but hopefully I'll have more "after" pictures to post soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our house closing experience

On Monday morning, August 27th, Wesley and I closed on our first house!  It was so exciting....and just a tad overwhelming that we are responsible for paying for the house until 2042 if not sooner!  After closing, the sellers asked if we could meet them at the house for them to show us a few things in the house and yard.  They have the most beautifully landscaped front and backyard and every plant has a special meaning to them.  Most plants and trees came from clippings from the wife's mother's home, which made it even harder for them to say goodbye to the house.  Somehow we mentioned that we felt a peace from the Lord that this was the house for us, and they asked us if we were believers.  After we finished learning about how to turn on the fountain in the back yard, replacing the filter on the fridge, and other little "tid bits" about the house, the husband asked if he could pray before we said goodbye.  He prayed the most wonderful prayer.  He prayed blessings over us, our marriage, our future children and grandchildren.  He prayed that the home would be a safe haven for us and that we would be able to minister to others in the home.  It was unbelievable to buy a house from owners who loved the Lord and prayed a prayer of blessings over us, the new owners.  They bought the home when they were 26 (my age) and have lived in the home for 32 years. It has been hard for them to sell the home since it is like their "baby," but they are moving to ATL to be closer to their son and 5 grandchildren.

We are slowly but surely getting settled.  There are still several boxes that need to be unpacked and a lot of painting and furniture buying needs to happen in the next few weeks and months, but we are both surprised how fast that this house is feeling like home.  Wesley and I have a 100% peace that we are exactly where the Lord wants us.  He lead us to this home, and we are so thankful!  

I'll post pictures soon!  Well, as soon as I unpack the box with the cord that goes from my camera to the computer!