Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm still here!

I didn't realize how long that it has been since I have posted anything!  Time is going by so fast!  I seriously cannot believe that Wesley is graduating in 4 weeks!  I told him the other day that I feel like I have wished away the past 2 and a half years.  Not that they have been bad, but I have been counting down the months until he would be done with school and would no longer have to study.  Well, graduation is approaching fast!  Wesley only has 2 more clinical days as a student.  He is getting to use up his vacation/sick time and will have 3-4 weeks off to study before boards.

Here is a quick update on what we have been up to since my last post:

I started my new job at Flowers Hospital in the nursery!  I LOVE it!  Everyone has been so welcoming, and it has been nice to be around healthy babies for a change....although we have had our share of sick ones too!  I definitely think it's a MIRACLE when a baby comes out and is perfectly healthy and can go home with it's mom in 48 hours.  Working in the NICU has definitely changed my perspective on healthy deliveries!

We had Sarah's bachelorette weekend in Watercolor.  It was so much fun getting to know all of her friends better!  She got some beautiful lingerie!  I'd say she is all ready for the New York honeymoon!

Wesley and I spent one Sunday afternoon in October at Aplin Farms picking sunflowers. (They also had a corn maze, hayrides, and a pumpkin patch....but we figured that we could wait til we had little ones to participate in all of that!)   It was such a beautiful fall day!  We got way more sunflowers than we could ever use!  We made 3 arrangements for our house, gave some to my mom and some to our next door neighbor.

Nick, Joy, and Jillian were here for Halloween!  Jillian was a "Jag-wire" as she says it!  She was adorable and had a diet that consisted of candy the whole day!!  I can't believe she didn't have a tummy ache!

Wesley and I spent 2 weekends ago back in PC.  He had to work his last weekend at Bay Medical Center, so I decided to go with him and see friends in PC while he was in the OR.  It worked out for me to be there for Kelly's (one of my co-workers at GCMC) bachelorette spa day.  And I loved going back to our Sunday school class there and seeing church friends.

So that's a quick update....or not so quick!