Friday, April 22, 2011

2 down....

2 semesters down, 5 to go!!! The second semester of Wesley's CRNA school is in the books! Another 4.0, but it came with a price! Wesley spent so much time this semester studying when he wasn't in the OR. But I will have to admit, if I ever have surgery, I hope that whoever puts me to sleep takes his job as seriously as Wesley does. I am so proud of him! God is definitely blessing all of his hard work! He is so faithful!

Wesley has to work this weekend, but then we are going to be in relaxation mode for a whole week!!! I CANNOT WAIT!

Happy Good Friday! I am so thankful for Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. Hope that you all have a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greek Sing!

Last night I went with my mom and older sister to see my younger sister, Sarah, in Greek Sing, which is a sorority dance competition in Auburn. They have been practicing for months now, and it paid off! Chi O got 2nd place and they did great!

I was so proud that Sarah was MY sister! She was awesome! She didn't miss a beat and smiled the entire time. It is crazy to think that we came from the same 2 parents considering my body just cannot move like hers can!

Erin drove from Montgomery to meet us! It was so good seeing her. I had not seen her since her wedding in November.

Next week Wesley has his finals, and then he gets a WHOLE WEEK off!! We feel so blessed that our good friend, Janet Martin, is letting us stay at her beach house in Seacrest for the week! Wesley hasn't seen the beach once this semester, so we are both so excited about our BIG vacation...even if we are only driving 30 miles from home!

In other good (or should I say GREAT) news, we booked a "2nd honeymoon" for Wesley's week off in August! I have a feeling that after another crazy semester we will really need it! We will be spending 5 nights and 6 days here!

But for now, we are just praying for Wesley to get through finals week!!