Monday, April 19, 2010


I am loving this warm weather! I love that all of the flowers are in bloom.

Wesley and I had been noticing a robin flying back and forth from one of our hanging plants, so I asked Wesley to take it down so that I could look in it, and this is what we saw....

I can't wait until the eggs hatch and there are 4 baby birds!

We had our first dinner guests the other night! Anthony Cain (one of Wesley's groomsmen) and his fiance Kelly came over and we grilled out burgers! It was a burger recipe that Kelly had seen that day on Rachel Ray, and they were delicious!

We loved entertaining in our home! Our house is looking much more inviting now that Amy and Mom came to spruce things up!

On Saturday, we drove to Dothan for a wedding and then went to an engagement party for my two good friends, Bethany and William.

William and I are best friends from high school, and Bethany and I are best friends from college! We are looking so forward to their wedding in Orlando on May 15th!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had such a wonderful weekend in Dothan! It seems like this was my first holiday to be off work since I started working at the hospital. Friday when we got to Dothan, Mom, Amy, and I went shopping while Dad and Wesley went fishing. Friday night my dad grilled out steaks and we ate dinner by the pool. I am loving this warm weather! On Sunday we woke up, went to church, and came home to eat the delicious meal that my mom (and dad) prepared. My mom's dining room table was decorated perfectly for the always...

Sarah made a wonderful carrot cake to celebrate our Risen Savior and decorated it by shaping the pecans to look like an Easter egg! She is so talented!

And GOOD NEWS....The Easter Bunny still comes even when you are married! I made Wesley an Easter basket filled with goodies, boxers (since he lost 4 pair on the honeymoon), and a new shirt.

He gave me the best present though...he mowed the grass, pulled weeds, planted flowers by our mailbox, swept off our roof, planted flowers in my windowbox outside of the kitchen window, and hung potted plants on the front of our house! I am loving our home more and more everyday!

We got goodies from my family too! I got PJ pants and lotion, and Wesley got a new tie which he wore on Easter Sunday at church.

And of coarse....LOTS OF CANDY!

I am still not sure how it happened...maybe I was under the influence of deviled eggs and carrot cake, but I agreed to letting my sister's dog, Doc, come back to Auburn and live with us! We now have 2 black labs that play in the backyard all day and sleep inside!!!!!! I know that it was hard for Sarah to put Molly (our old black lab) down on Easter Sunday, so she can now come and visit Doc any time that she wants, and I KNOW that Doc is loving all of the attention!