Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Loveliest Village on the Plains!

We had the best time in Auburn this weekend! It was so great pulling off of the interstate on Exit 51 and being in Auburn City limits. I don't think we realize just how much we miss Auburn until we go back!

This was our first trip back to Auburn in a year and it was LONG overdue! On Friday night we went to dinner with our good friends, Anthony and Kelly Cain. Wesley had been craving Niffer's for months now, so we didn't have trouble deciding on a place to eat! On Saturday we spent the morning with the Gilmore's and Wesley got to meet Ali for the first time. I got to meet her right after she was born- when she was still in the NICU at UAB. She just celebrated her first birthday earlier this month! We brought her a cookie jar toy to celebrate! Wesley read her a book while we were there! She is at such a fun age! We could have spent the whole day just playing her!

We spent Saturday afternoon tailgating with friends, and got to see some former co-workers as well! It was so much fun to get to catch up with friends that we don't get to see much anymore!

It was especially exciting to get to see Lindsay and celebrate her engagement with her! She and Jake got engaged the night before...or should I say earlier that morning. Lindsay was absolutely beaming with excitement! I couldn't be any happier for her and cannot wait for the wedding festivities to begin!

(Yes, her ring is on the wrong hand...her left hand was swollen because she slept on it wrong...but that ring is too beautiful not to be wearing!!!)

We went to the game after a fun day of tailgating and Auburn pulled off another win against Ole Miss! We got to sit with Julie and Shipley the first half and then met up with Kelly and Anthony for the second half! We feel so blessed to have such sweet friends and to have had such a perfect weekend in Auburn!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Where has the time gone??

Has it seriously been a month since Labor Day? I feel like time is speeding by...which is not necessarily a bad least for the next 14 months! The past few weeks have been really great. Two of our friends here in PC had a vow renewal ceremony on October 1st for their 10 year wedding anniversary. We gave Cammie a "bachelorette party" and the guys took Randy out for a "bachelor party" the weekend before even though neither one was a true bachelor/bachelorette!

The renewal was on the beach at sunset and was absolutely beautiful!

This past weekend we went to Guntersville, Al to visit Wesley's grandmother. She is 86 years old and is one of the cutest women that I know! It was so good getting to spend a weekend with her. On Saturday night we took the pontoon boat out for a sunset cruise on the lake. The lake was gorgeous at sunset!

Hope that everyone is enjoying the fall weather as much as we are!